Terrariums are fascinating eco-systems all unto themselves. They require very little maintenance and almost no watering. A terrarium is a collection of compatible plants grown in an enclosed, or partially enclosed, clear container.

Creating a terrarium filled with ferns and other small plants is a practical and fun way to have a miniature landscape inside your home. Their easy care is ideal for people who are too busy to spend a lot of time caring for plants. Your choice of containers is only as broad as your imagination. There are many ready made terrariums available, or you can use bottles, jars, aquariums, fishbowls, or even brandy snifters. The choice is yours. I have a vast collection of terrariums that I will feature here on the website.
Terrariums allow you to grow plants which require a high degree of humidity, which otherwise would probably perish in the dry atmosphere of a heated home. Once the plants become established within your miniature garden, the terrarium begins to create a climate of its own. The plants transpire moisture through their leaves, which then condenses on the glass, and flows back to the soil. This 'rain effect' allows the terrarium to go for weeks without watering. Terrariums should never be grown in FULL sun!

The gothic-inspired terrarium featured on this post is 18 inches square and 64 inches tall, making it perfect for orchids.

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