Cobweb Tiffany Lamp

As a collector, sometimes you covet an item that you know you will most likely never obtain and such is the case with this lamp. The Cobweb Tiffany lamp with flower mosaic base. I first saw this lamp 15 years ago and knew instantly that I wanted one. The one I saw was a reproduction as the original is way outside my price point. Unfortunately the one I saw then was sold out and I have since then educated myself more on making sure that when I do purchase a Tiffany-style reproduction lamp that I do it wisely. I have always envisioned this lamp sitting on a mahogany table in my living room - lit constantly so you can see its' beauty at all hours of the day and so it can also be viewed from the outside, therefore letting the beauty of the lamp reach beyond just my interior.

The shade and base actually interlock which was a major feat back when Louis-Comfort Tiffany first manufactured this piece, much less how difficult it would be to do it now. The hours of meticulous hand-work on the flower mosaic base in incredible. The glass in the shade differs from the glass in the base as the light needs to reflect differently from both. Also notice the irony in this lamp - the gloomy, dreary and muddled colors of the shade paired next to the happy, vibrant colors in the flowered mosaic base. This is truly a work of art.

This lamp is still being recreated by Paul Crist Studios in exact replica. There are only a couple originals out there and the last one sold for $4 million. It takes six months for this cobweb lamp to come to be fully completed with a team of six artisans working on it at varios times. This lamp stands almost 29" tall and 19" wide - it is truly a beautiful piece of true craftsmanship. At a cost of $30,000 - I will have to wait, maybe one day...

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  1. This is an amazing piece of work and a beautiful piece of art. I hope you get your lamp someday!