Linens - Yarn Size

In continuation of our series demystifying bed linens and what to look for the next time you purchase we cover yarn size. The fineness of each yarn is what the term yarn size refers to - the higher the yarn size, the finer the yarn. Alternatively this is also how you can determine the gauge of wire.

Finer yarns allow for lighter, more supple fabric. The yarn size in quality sheets is typically between 40 and 100. Some companies go up to 120's may be used also, but are pretty rare (and the resulting product very expensive). Higher thread counts are created with finer yarns, as more of them can be woven into a square inch. Also, super fine yarns can be twisted together, creating 2 ply yarns that can then be woven into sheeting. When 2 ply yarns are made with a very high yarn size, they make a nice product that is not at all weighty or blanket-like.

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