Constellation of Leo

I am a Leo, and have been told many times that I am one to the core. I thought starting this month since my birthday is on the 6th, that I would feature each sign and talk about their traits in detail.
The ruler of Leo is the Sun. The glyph is generally thought to represent the tail of the lion. In ancient Dionysian mysteries it was considered to be a phallus. It can also symbolize the heat or creative energy of the Sun. On entering the sign Leo, the Sun is said to exemplify cosmic splendor. The meaning attached to this seems to be that both the good and bad characteristics associated with Leo are perpetual. Through the ages, Leo has signified the coming of the high growing season and thus reflects the abundant generosity of life. In this aspect Leo is seen as the ordained provider. A role which many astrological lions would take on quite willingly.

The Leo is a dominant, spontaneous, creative and extroverted character. They possess grace, dignity and an expansive personality. The lion is king of the animal kingdom, and an appropriate symbol for Leo who tends to dominate his environment. Ambitious, courageous, strong willed, positive, independent, self-confident are all words that describe Leo traits.

Leos were born to lead and are most effective when in a position of command. Leos are straightforward, uncomplicated individuals who know what they want and pursue it with enthusiasm and a creative spirit. Leos possess a strong positive nature and don't shrink from adverse circumstances. They are not easily daunted, and will persist through the most formidable circumstances.

Leos are proud people, with an idealistic and humane nature. They are basically outgoing, happy, kind and generous. Self expressive, intelligent and broad minded, they are philosophically inclined. They tend to be stubborn, and will hold onto a belief, or stick to a course of action through thick or thin. They are direct and to the point and lead with their emotions.

Because of their positive nature, Leos tend to expect the best, and when things don't turn out as they had expected, they react immediately and badly. Quick tempered, blunt and nasty when they have been affronted, they are deeply hurt by malice or hostility. Although, they may suffer from short bouts of depression when life doesn't meet their expectations, they bounce back quickly and move on with their normal cheerful and demonstrative nature. Leo walks forward always, head held proudly and face turned towards the sun.

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  1. I like this profile of Leo and of Virgo. thank you. I am a Leo on the cusp of Virgo so I see a lot of me in both. Very Interesting...