Bodum Columbia French Press

You ever get something not realizing how much it would become an integral part of your life? This is how I feel about the Bodum Columbia French Press. I do not know how I lived without this before, and now it is a part of my daily life. I love this thing so much. As any coffee lover knows, the best way to drink coffee is from a french press. Bodum has not only made an extremely functional piece of equipment, but they have perfected it to the Nth degree. Of course you get the full flavor a french press delivers by extracting every single morsel of coffee goodness out of the bean, but this is also thermal - it keeps my coffee hot for a couple hours. To me, part of the bonus is that its' design is out of this world. I think it is chic and sophisticated. I have the shiny metal exterior and now want the brushed so I can do two different brews - maybe regular and decaf or dark and light roast, the choices are endless. The 34 oz size is perfect for two cups of coffee in my house, I know they make a larger size which would be perfect for having friends over or they also have a mini-Columbia which is perfect for one cup.

Brewing your coffee in this manner is exactly how roasters do what is called cupping, a process by which they determine the flavor of the bean and how our palates will perceive it. They then can cocktail the beans with others to create the blends we so much enjoy. Grind your beans on the largest setting, I use 2/3 cup whole beans for my 34 oz Columbia (then I grind them). Place inside the chamber of the french press and pour boiling water over the top. Set the lid on top with the plunger all the way up, this traps the full aroma of the roast. Start a timer to run for four minutes and when the time is done, push the plunger down slowly and enjoy.
Paired with the double-walled Bodum Pavina glasses to serve the coffee in, the only thing that would make this moment better would be to share it with someone you love dearly. This is a must have gift for someone who loves coffee and enjoys stylish things!

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