Verve - Re-Mixed & Un-Mixed

With fall comes more time indoors, and I like to have music playing to stimulate the senses. Enter Verve, Re-Mixed and Un-Mixed. Consider the classics like Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Sara Vaughan mixed with groups like The Postal Service. For anyone who enjoys great music, these sessions offer different attitudes for the listener. What I enjoy about these is that I know I will be listening to these 30 years from now and they will still be just as great then as they are now.

Re-Mixed is like the Hot side, tracks we all know and loved remastered with uptempo beats to get you moving. I think this is perfect for cocktail parties because it creates great energy and since people are always familiar with the songs, they can feel comfortable and at ease that they are in good company. I like listening to this when I am cooking because the beats bring forth all of this creative energy inside me.

Un-Mixed is the Cool side, relaxed and somber. This is perfect for a Weekend morning with a cup of coffee and someone you love (or your cat!) I like this music for sit-down dinners becuase it does not compete with the conversation but still stimulates the listener. Imagine yourself sitting outside watching the sun rise or set, this is the perfect mix to compliment that experience.

They also do Holiday pieces which are fantastic investments to anyone's holiday music collection. Check out their website where you can listen to clips of songs and experience how amazing and timeless they really are.

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