More Towel Terminology

A towel is a towel, right? Wrong. There are many different types. The glossary below defines towel terminology.
Terry – Cotton terry towels are woven on a loom. Terry towels utilize an additional yarn to form loops which cover both sides of the towel.These loops are normally referred to as "pile" or "loop surfaces."
Velour – Velour towels are produced in the same fashion as terry, but with an additional process that shears the terry loops to a shorter length on one side. Some people prefer the decorative sheen that results. The terry side should face the skin for optimum drying.
Printed – Colorful designs are printed on the surface of both terry or velour towels. Designs are normally printed on one side.
Jacquard – These towels feature a slightly upraised area of fabric, which creates a decorative effect. The design is woven right into the towel on a special jacquard loom.

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