Turkey 101 - Brine

I resisted this method for years until I decided to give it a try - now I would never not do this. I believe it makes the turkey juicer and more well-rounded in the seasoning department. There are various brines available at stores, and many recipes to try out. The basic premise is you soak the turkey in a heavily, salted and seasoned water mixture overnight. Regardless if you are roasting, grilling or deep-frying your turkey, brining is beneficial for all ways.

This method requires the refrigerator space to accomodate the stockpot or vessel you are brining in as well as the stockpot or vessel in question. Living in Minnesota allows me the opportunity for some colder weather in some years past, where I have even kept the stockpot on the floor in my garage because the temperature was cold enough to sustain it, you could also keep it outdoors if desired - just make sure the lid is heavy and firmly secure.

If your goal is a juicy turkey, this is the method for you. Some guests have said that they did not care for the seasoning, but none of not liked the mositure kon-tent. Check out my website for brine recipes.

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