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I was on FOX again this last Saturday making an updated version of sweet-potato pie. I decided to separate the eggs, so I could whip the whites and add them in at the end to lighten the pie or souffle it. The addition of Maker's Mark bourbon helps to add depth of flavor to this classic dessert. In an effort to make life easier, I also thought using phyllo dough with spices added into the layers eliminates the pressure of making pie dough and gives it an interesting aesthetic as well as crunchyness. Segment

FOX as always is a great place to do a segment, I love working with them. Tom Halden is just as friendly in real life as he appears on screen. It is hard to not want to just shoot the breeze with all of them, but I was there to make pie and offer up some Thanksgiving entertaining ideas - so I had to stay on task.

The items I used in this segment were:

Cuisinart Pressure Cooker - I could not live without this. It seriously cut the roasting time for the sweet potatoes from 1.5 hours to 6 minutes - no lie. link

KitchenAid Professional Mixer - This is another standard for anyone's kitchen. I enjoy the larger size because it handles bigger batches that I regularly do. link

Maker's Mark Bourbon - Made in the USA, there is no comparison to how this bourbon can add depth of character and flavor to your meal.

Hamel Maple Syrup - made locally here in MN, you can find them at most supermarkets or call them at 763-478-2353.

Funkins - these faux pumpkins are amazing, carve them once and enjoy the beauty for a lifetime. So many uses - I have glittered, painted, gilded and carved them.

Faux Boix Dinnerware - this dinnerware is an instant classic for your entertaining needs. kon-tent has commissioned this dinnerware from a boutique pottery in England. Contact us for ordering questions.
If you have any other questions aboutitems not listed above, please contact us for answers.

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  1. YUM! how i wish our tv's were equipped with taste-o-vision!!!