Gilt Funkin

Here I gilded a funkin for Thanksgiving. This craft was easy and it provides a lot of wow factor with minimal effort. My daughter and I did this together and it turned into a fun family craft. I used Gold Leaf, sizing and finshing spray from Houston Art/Mona Lisa Products. I found these at Michaels.
After carving the Fun-kin (if you desire to carve it), you then paint the sizing on - letting it rest to get tacky. You then carefully place the sheets of gold leaf onto the Fun-kin and smooth it on with a brush to ensure it stays. After you are done covering the Fun-kin, you then swish the brush all over it to remove any loose gold leaf. I did not completely cover the Fun-kin with gold leaf because I was looking for a more rustic look. You then use the finishing spray all over it to seal the Fun-kin and allow it to dry for two hours.

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