My NBC appearance making Pizza Waffles

I was on NBC this last Tuesday doing a cooking segment. I made my pizza waffles, and also showed examples of my cinnamon bun waffles and huevos rancheros waffles. This recipe calls for a yeast batter as opposed to the traditional quick-rise batter. The yeast batter mimics pizza dough and provides a depth of flavor to the waffle. You can use whatever toppings you care to in this - it is delicious with pineapple and Candian Bacon or filled with vegetables!

Here is a link to the video online:


  1. Yum. Would love the recipe for the cinnamon/pecan waffles, but couldn't find it on the site hosting the video.


  2. Loved the segment! You did an excellent job, Ross!

  3. just watched you on WGNtv Lunch Break and said to go to your site for the pizza waffle recipe and cinnamon bun waffle but cant find them? am confused

  4. If you click on the link that has "showcaseminnesota" in it (on this page, above--says that it's "the video online"), it has the recipe there, in text form.