Comme des Garçons - Odeur 71, the anti-fragrance

Do you ever find yourself not wanting to smell like cologne or perfume? While I am a self-professed cologne hoarder, this is one fragrance that I would never live without. I am going to start covering my favorite fragrances to inspire you to try something new. This invention by Comme des Garçons is suprisingly not manufactured like other fragrances you see on the market.

Normally when you go out to the mall and walk through the fragrance department at your local boutique or department store, your olfactory senses kick in smelling mostly essential oil blends mixed with various liquids by scientists in labs. Take that laboratory perception, but gear yourself toward technology and the age of cloning. This is where Odeur 71 enters the room.

Instead of cloning organic smells like musk or sandlewood, scents we all associate with frangrance, Comme des Garçons has clones inorganic smells to create this frangrance. Try to envision how electricity smells, the salty taste of a battery or freshly welded aluminum. Now you are working with modern-day, not-your-normal fragrance. I also love how this can be worn by men or women.

So much so is this off the beaten path, that the essence of their marketing campaign was to educate consumers that this was not a fragrance, but a skin scent. I would say it is not just a revolutionary scent structure, but it's a testament that a combination of the truly weird can make a truly fantastic fragrance.

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