Ultra Lounge - Wild, Cool & Swingin'

Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 5: Wild Cool & Swingin is chock full of great songs performed by some of the greatest talents of the 20th century. There is a total of eighteen tracks on the first edition and twenty-one (yes, twenty-one) tracks on Wild, Cool & Swingin' Too!the second CD making it both a lot of fun and a great value. It's also excellent for lounge music lovers and fans of classic pop vocals. I regularly play these in the morning when I am cooking up breakfast on the weekends, they always get my creative energy flowing.

These compliations are truly a sound investment for anyone that entertains and wants to create an environment condusive to great conversation.  The tracks inspire people to open up and smile.  The songs are all wonderfully arranged muscially and the quality of the sound is excellent. No excess noise here! Bob Norberg at Capitol Recording Studios did an excellent job of digitally remastering these tracks.

I highly recommend this CD for fans of classic pop vocals, lounge music, and the great vocalists of the 20th century such as Tony Bennett, Dinah Washington, Louis Prima, Dean Martin and Bobby Darin. All these performers and many more can be found attacking their songs with all their might here on this CD! Get this CD, turn down the lights and enjoy your favorite drink--and maybe enjoy a little romance while you do!

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