Beading for guys

I think there is a popular misconception out there that beading jewelry is for girls, and although I would hold to the belief that it is mainly a female-oriented industry there is a lot that us guys can do too.  I find that most casual necklaces and bracelets out in the market for men (when you can find them even) at retailers are not manufactured very well.  Going to the bead store and picking out beads that are closer to my personality and style, coupled with the fact that I am going to take care to make sure it stays together makes hand-crafting your my own jewelry have added value.  I really don't have many rules when it comes to beads outside nothing with facets and no crystals (ahem, I think this should go without saying...)!

For the top piece I chose jasper tubes and strung it with leather, tying a simple knot in between each piece.  I was inspired for the tiger-eye piece below, because I am a collector of faux bamboo.  I simply took the beads and strung them along common beading wire and finished it off using a hematite-colored clasp.  Each one of these pieces took no more than ten minutes to make and I will get years of use out of them.  I think my total investment in each necklace was around $15-$20, so easy on the pocketbook too.

As always, I get my beads from The Bead Monkey.  They have to brick and mortar locations as well as a wonderful website, their kits make great gifts.

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