Varvatos Cologne

This is a classic fragrance that I get compliments on every time I wear it.  I was instantly attracted to the bottle with the leather collar wrapped around it, this said man all over it. 

The smell of this cologne is timeless with top notes - This is what your nose smells first, these dissapate quickly) of West Indian tamarind tree leaves, Medjool dates and Mediterranean herbs

Heart notes (this is what you smell secondly, these emerge as the cologne evaporates.  They are used to mask the initial unpleasant odor of the base notes which become more pleasant over time.  They can last for two minutes or up to an hour, are coriander seed, clary sage flower, tobacco, Indian ajowan, sage and thyme

Base notes are balsam, amber, leather notes, sandalwood and vanilla.  Base and middle notes are the central theme to most fragrances.  These notes are meant to be strong and deep, and generally are not understood for roughly 30 minutes when they begin to bloom.

John Varvatos is like an ideal combination of masculine aromas that succeeds in coming across as familiar. It evokes the atmosphere of history and tradition.  It imbues the picture of a virile man relaxing at a table nursing a glass of whiskey between his hands while the fireplace crackles in the background.


  1. I really like your description of all the scents in this cologne, and I agree that the bottle is nice. Do you know the price point?

  2. I believe you can get this fragrance for around $33 through online retailers. Thanks for the comment Eric.