Ross Sveback store - Enhanced Living Inspirations

Welcome to the Ross Sveback store.  Generally, the items you will find here are made by us OR for us by hand with the exception of certain pieces.  Our brand is about celebrating the accomplishment of creating something yourself, as well as the relationships we share with one another.  Local people making relatable items to use that are also beautiful and enhance our lives in small special ways.  This is a new venture so bear with our archaic presentation, it will get better.  We hope that you enjoy looking through our 'pages' and adding some enhanced inspirations to your life. 

Our Hand-Embroidered Dishtowels - I was taught by my grandmother at a very early age to embroider dishtowels.  She said it was her way to brighten up the kitchen and make the chores more enjoyable having that corner embroidered with some whimsical or decorative pattern.  I still have the towels that she and I embroidered over 25 years ago, although I have created many more that I now use as I want to keep those in remembrance of my Grandmother E who taught me the value of simple living.

Vintage Travel Baubles Collection - Inspired by a road trip across America, my vision was about forward movement - momentum, so to speak. How we get from point A to point B in ALL aspects of our life.  Coupled with the fact that we all need to be reminded at times to keep on moving forward. Being sedentary is never good.  The patterns are based on Vintage Travel Transportation Images, so be it via a bicycle, hot air balloon, airplane or wood-paneled cruiser - keep moving forward with a little inspiration from kon-tent.

Our Heirloom Entertaining Collection - You see, I am a dinnerware collector - I enjoy all aspects of entertaining and after years of looking for pieces that were versatile and durable I finally decided to just make my own. I initially needed to find pottery that was durable, but could also be refined at the same time - heirloom quality. The glaze was also important because I am frustrated by all of this product on the shelves that after you use a knife on a plate it is scratched. Lastly, I wanted to have patterns that were timeless and interchangeable - my Grandmother E was my inspiration and her way of life, the simplicity of living and attention to the small details. Thus, I have developed my Heirloom Entertaining Collection. This collection transcends from casual and family dining to elegant, high-scale entertaining. The patterns are adaptations of antique transferware designs from the 1800's that I am having redone in traditional colorways that can be mixed and matched together. This is true English tranferware, all of the pieces are made by hand. The designs are applied by hand, each piece of pottery is dipped by hand, they are fired in small batches and finished by people who have been doing this method for over 200 years.

Holiday Inspirations Collection.  Each piece of this collection is crafted by hand just like my Grandmother Ellen taught me to do.  Be it glittered, painted or gilded, our ornaments and faux pumpkins or gourds will help transform your holidays that will surely create memories to last a lifetime.  

Our hand-made dishcloth collection.    Nothing does the cleanup in the kitchen like our handmade dishcloths. Available in a vairety of colors, crafted from 100% cotton and extremely affordable - you will wonder how you ever survived without them before.
This is our standard design, in a generous 8" square - how can you beat the $3 price tag? They dry easily and you can throw them in the wash. Because of their versatility and amazing value, they also make great gifts.

Our hand-made soap collection.  Each batch is hand-stirred using old world techniques and the best ingredients.  All natural, premium compenents mixed together to create a luxurious way to pamper yourself and the world around you. 

My Vintage Glass Collection.  The past is always a reminder to me of a time when life seemed simpler.  My grandmother serving lemonade in pressed glassware tumblers, serving cake on her jadite cakestand or berries with whipped cream in her pressed glass compotes.  The pieces in this collection are a reminder of how special those days are and a way to bring family and friend together to enjoy living our own lives.

Thank you again for visiting us, we look forward to being a part of your life...


  1. Absolutely awesome - Ross is a real Renaissance man of many superb talents - Bravo !