Fans Top 5 Choice for WGN Segments

As the new Lifestyle Expert for WGN, I want you to choose what I make for the first five segments - a Top 5 Most Requested.  You pick out which idea you want to see me make and leave a comment here (no need to be registered) or on my Facebook page.  I will post the results soon!


  1. Okay I went through and picked the ones that jumped out at me: Pina colada cake, Biscuits and Gravy Bake,Tiramisu cupcakes, Grandma’s Heirloom Country chicken Casserole, Flag tarts for the 4th of July, pie crust cookies, creamy enchilada bake, roasted stuffed tomatoes, and reuben dip.

  2. During the hot summer Chicago day, I would really enjoy having my self a glass of your Rhubarb Ginger Tea. Just thinking about it gives me the sense of refreshment. For an Appetizer, the Green Goddess Dip. All the veggies and colorful radishes are REALLY easy on the eye and for sure it will grab the attention of your viewers. I also liked the Chicken Vescuvio. Wow, you know Ross, Everyone eats with their eyes first. What we all crave during the summer are Strawberries. That is why your Rustic Tart with Glazed Strawberries will hit close to home and that is what you are all about.

    -Nina Lewinska/ Your Biggest Fan