LUX Handmade Soap - Blis Soap

Discover Blis, our decandent shea butter and Bulgarian lavender bar.  Bulgarian lavender is prized for its essential oils - it's all about quality, but you still get quantity too!  Loaded with buttery shea and studded wtih lavender buds to help provide gentle exfoliation for you - your skin will reward you for this.  This bar is a guilty pleasure you won't want to live without.   Packaged with a blissful, cherry-blossom pattern on pool to match the experience of using this bar that is handmade in Japan.

Ingredients: Palm kernel, coconut, olive, castor and essential oils - unrefined shea butter - distilled water - sodium hydroxide (lye) - ground and whole lavender flower buds.  Note: No sodium hydroxide (lye) remains in the finished soap product.  FRAGRANCE FREE - THE SCENT IS ALL-NATURAL

Pair it with our soap elevator to extend the  life of your bar!  Check out my entire LUX Soap Collection here.

Blis LUX Soap Bar


  1. I get allergry very easily, so this soap is ok for my skin?

  2. There is lavender oil in this bar, so I would ask you if you are allergic to lavender. If you think you may be, then I would suggest our Free soap, which is perfect for tender skin.