Turkey, Artichoke & Leek Tetrazzini

As soon as the grocery store starts selling frozen turkey for $.39 or $.89 a pound, I snap up a couple just for dishes like this.  I roast the turkey whole, then use it to make stock with my Cuisinart Pressure Cooker.  After it is done creating beautiful stock, I shred the meat and place it into sealable containers that can hold 2 cups shredded turkey - you will need 4 cups for this recipe.  What I love about tetrazzini is that it is an effortless dish to make with minimal effort and maximum reward.  This recipe makes enough to feed an army, so you need to invite everyone over or plan on having leftoevers.

1 8 oz. package sliced mushrooms
3 leeks, sliced
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 14 oz. can artichoke hearts - halved
1 lb. penne pasta, cooked in heavily salted water
6-8 cups cups shredded turkey
2 cups Italian Cheese Blend
2 cups Parmesan Cheese - divided
16 oz. whole milk ricotta cheese
10 tbsp butter (see below for how it is used)
2 tbsp. olive oil
1/2 cup flour
4 cups chicken stock
4 cups half & half
2 tsp. onion powder
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper

Prepare penne according to manufacturers instructions for al dente pasta - set aside, covered so it does not dry out.

In a large, oval roaster over medium high heat add 2 tbsp. butter and 2 tbsp olive oil until melted.  Add leeks and garlic, saute for five minutes.  Add mushrooms and saute for 5 minutes, then add artichoke halves and stir.  Turn heat off and let sit on stove to keep warm.  Add shredded turkey and gently stir to combine.

In large saucepan over medium heat add 8 tbsp. butter and 1/2 cup flour, whisking to make a roux, which will be your thickener.  Add chicken stock and half/half and onion powder whisking until thickened.  Taste and adjust seasoning with salt and pepper to desired liking.  Remove from heat and add Italian cheese blend, 1 cup of the Parmesan cheese and Ricotta cheese - whisking to combine.

Pour over turkey/pasta mixture in roaster and toss gently to combine.  Sprinkle with remaining 1 cup Parmesan cheese and bake in a 350 degree, preheated oven for 40-45 minutes - until bubbly.

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  1. I can't wait to try this recipe! I've been looking for one lately and now I know I've found a good one. Thanks, Ross!