LUX Handmade Soap Collection - Leo Soap

This soap was specifically designed for a Leo, King of the Constellation.  Regal and luxurious.  A rich, essential oil blend of over twelve citrus and floral notes.  So decadent you will look for reasons to get dirty!   Our buttery, generous 8 oz. bar is extraordinarily gentle for your face and body. Wrapped in handmade, Italian paper depicting rampants (or lions) in gold and green.  Luxury at it's finest, I don't do anything else....

Ingredients:  Palm kernel, coconut, olive, castor and essential oils - unrefined shea butter - distilled water - sodium hydroxide (lye) - cosmetic grade mica. Note: No sodium hydroxide (lye) remains in the finished soap product.  FRAGRANCE FREE - THE SCENT IS ALL-NATURAL

Pair it with our soap elevator to extend the  life of your bar!  Check out my entire LUX Soap Collection here.

LUX Leo bar - $16

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