LUX Handmade Soap Collection - Terre Soap

Decadent rhassoul clay from Morocco, prized for it's gentle cleansing properties is blended with luxurious shea butter to create this creamy bar.  Infused with orange, cinnamon and peppermint to stimulate the senses and pamper your skin.  The earth gives back to you when using this bar, rewarding your skin with hydration and you with a free spa day!  Wrapped in a handmade, brown Moroccan paper with cinnamon accent to mirror the blend of the bar.  

Ingredients:  Palm kernel, coconut, olive, castor and essential oils - unrefined shea butter - distilled water - sodium hydroxide (lye) - Rhassoul Clay - Cinnamon. Note: No sodium hydroxide (lye) remains in the finished soap product.  FRAGRANCE FREE - THE SCENT IS ALL-NATURAL

Pair it with our soap elevator to extend the  life of your bar!  Check out my entire LUX Soap Collection here.

LUX Terre bar $16


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