Pink Martini - Joy to the World

I have been a fan of Portland-based Pink Martini for years - with their cosmopolitan beats and Euro-lounge flair, this installment is a eclectic return to days of yore with their jazz-classical-pop infusion.

This compilation blends themes from all over the globe in an effortless manner.  You seem to start your holiday journey in what seems like a cozy room from the 60's with a fire crackling in the background and a Sazerac sitting in your hand, moments later you are Europe looking out the Seine with the Eiffel Tower in the distance while the snow softly falls on the street below.  This is tasteful, classique holiday music that will endure the test of time and appeal to every sound palate.

Joy to the World will take you on a jet-set adventure around the globe in an inclusionary world where all holidays of the season are celebrated.  Pink Martini delivers their tried and true blend of eccentric and odd music in their usual tasteful style with a splash of fun that is sure to make its' way to your holiday rotation with ease.

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  1. Ross, I love Pink Martini! I had no idea that they had a holiday CD I am going to look for it today when I go shopping. Thanks!