Maple Marshmallows

I wanted to create a maple marshmallow initially to see if it would actually work.  Cooking to me is about taking a foundational recipe and expanding on it.  Here I simply took the ratio of corn syrup-sugar-water mixture that I boil to soft ball stage in my Vanilla-Bean Marshmallow recipe and switched it out with maple syrup (I prefer Burton's).  The end result is a decandent, homey treat for the Autumn and Winter months - paired well with hot cocoa.

1 - 1 oz. box unflavored gelatin
3/4 cup water
4 cups maple syrup
1 cup sugar
1 tbsp. vanilla-bean paste

In the bowl of an electric mixer with whisk attachment in add the box of unflavored gelatin and 3/4 cup water.  Whisk with a fork or whisk to combine - set aside.

In a 8 qt stockpot add maple syrup and sugar - bring to boil until it reaches soft ball stage (238-240 degrees) on a candy thermometer - remove from heat.  Watch carefully as the syrup is known to boil over. Set mixer bowl to necessary position and turn on medium-low speed. Slowly pour maple syrup into mixer down the side of the bowl so it has a chance to cool slightly.  Once mixture is all poured in slowly raise speed up to high and allow mixture to whip for roughly ten minutes.  Mixture should become light and airy - your mixer will work very hard.  Turn mixer off and add vanilla-bean paste - then turn mixer back and for roughly one more minute to incorporate.

Pour marshmallow into a 9X13 pan that has been well-oiled with an overlapping piece of parchment that has also been oiled.  You will also want to oil two silicone spatulas to get all of the marshmallow mixture out into the pan and then use your oiled spatula to even out the marshmallow.  Allow to set for six hours.

Remove from pan by pulling it up and out with the overlapping parchment.  Using an oiled knife, cut the marshmallows into squares and drop into powdered sugar so they do not stick to one another.  Enjoy!

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