LUX Four Season Soap Collection

Experience all the seasons have to offer with my LUX Four Seasons Soap Collection. Your body and mind will be continuously transported through the bounty each of the four season's has to offer. Your boxed set will include:

Spring - Beautiful purple and blue flora abound in this bar.  Lilacs announce that Spring has arrived with it's profusion of aroma and blooms.  Wild, Spring violets help to bring calm, while Blue Vervain is legendary to help induce creativity.

Summer - My creamy, sunflower-oil rich blend studded with leaves of dandelion, sunflower, marigold and nasturtium petals from my own garden. Imagine the smell of fresh-cut grass and laundry hanging out to dry; our blend is packed with the scents of this favorite season.

Autumn - Woodland leaves, bitter orange-rind potpourri, a splash of mountain apple cider, freshly-ground cinnamon bark, the sweetness of Mexican chocolate, a hint of cherry tobacco, and a whisp of sage, stirred together with extra enrichment from fresh vitamin-rich pumpkin meat and 100% virgin African shea butter. 

Winter - Blended with luscious huckleberry and Burgundy wine to take your senses on a journey. Notice the lustre - it's because the bar is infused with gold powder to provide you with the luxury you deserve.

Pair it with our soap elevator to extend the  life of your bar!  Check out my entire LUX Soap Collection here.

LUX Four Seasons Soap Collection - $55

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