Cuban Pot Roast

This is comfort food to me regardless the time of year.  A spicy pot roast with sauteed peppers, onions and tomatoes set atop a bed of rice, and smothered in the pan juices.  This recipe does have heat, note the 3 tbsp. coarse black pepper.  This truly cannot get any easier.

A few notes, yes I do not peel the garlic heads before cooking them.  I like the rustic feel of slicing them horizontally and letting the simmering process peel them for me as the cloves gently cook.  The skins rise to the top and are easily discarded.  I have from time to time found one in my dish, and simply removed it.  I also leave the roast whole and place large chunks onto the plate.  I feel this creates a sense of ease for the meal and allows my guest to relax and enjoy.

5#-6# Chuck Roast - well marbled
3 tbsp. coarse, ground pepper
1/3 c. italian herb blend
1 tsp. salt
1 - 49 oz. can chicken broth
2 heads garlic, sliced in half horizontally (not peeled)
2 tbsp. olive oil
1 green pepper, sliced vertically
1 red pepper, sliced vertically
1 large onion, sliced vertically
2 medium tomatoes, sliced vertically
2 c.white rice

In a large (8 qt.) dutch oven or stockpot, place the pepper, herb blend and salt - then pour chicken broth into pot and place roast and garlic heads in as well.  Bring to simmer, cover and cook for 4 hours.

In a 4 qt. saucepan over medium heat, add 2 tbsp. olive oil and add red and green peppers, onions and tomatoes.  Saute until for 5-7 minutes, until softened.  Set aside.

Prepare rice as directed and cover to keep warm.

In a bowl place 2 cups rice, making  a well in the center.  Using tongs, place some pepper/onion/tomato mixture in well, and top with a portion of cuban pot roast.  Use soup ladle to scoop up some pan juice and ladle over entire dish.  Serve.

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  1. Love that you shared this recipe; I have a friend that makes the most delicious Puerto Rican pot roast and I have begged for the recipe to no avail. I will try this one to see if it is anywhere close to the SOUNDS like it might be...!