OPULENT Skittles Vodka

This is a fairly easy concept, simply infusing a 750ml. bottle of Opulent Vodka with Skittles - it's like juice for adults!  What you will need:

14 oz. bag of Skittles, separated by color
5 - 750ml. bottles of Vodka
Liquid measuring cup
4-Cup Gravy Separator
Coffee Filters

Roughly pour 1/2 c. of vodka out of each bottle into the liquid measuring cup and set aside.  Place each bunch of Skittles colors into it's own bottle, so all the orange into one bottle, all the red into another, etc.  Replace cover and allow to sit for a day.

I use the gravy separator because it is the perfect size and I also use it for several other things in my kitchen. It is a definite investment into your culinary adventures.

Place two coffee filters inside the strainer basket of the gravy separator and allow the mixture to filter on its own.  Do not try to rush it as it will force debris back into the vodka.  If the filter is plugging up, replace it and start using another set of filters inside the basket.  Once you have the bottle filtered, you can strain it once more if you desire a lot of clarity - this is what I did, it is fine either way.

Continue to do this with each color, the filtering process takes a little time so it is nice to do this while you are simultaneously doing something else that way you are not standing there waiting for it to finish.  Once you are done, top them off with the initial vodka you poured out.  At this point, you can chill, freeze them or use them as is.  Enjoy!

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