Sprinkles Puffcorn

Just in time for summer or anytime of year, my latest creation.  Buttery, salty puffcorn blended with M&M Mini's, white chocolate and SPRINKLES!!!  So super easy, the hardest part is waiting for the chocolate to re-set so you can start eating it!

1 bag Old Dutch puffcorn
1 12 oz. bag white chocolate
4 oz. M&M Mini's
3 oz. jar of Sprinkles

Set out two half-sheet pans and line them with a Silpat.  Divide the bag of puffcorn between the two pans, laying it out as evenly as possible.  Gently sprinkle the M&M Mini's over the puffcorn.  Melt the chocolate in a double boiler and then pour into a disposable piping bag, snipping of the tip and drizzling the melted chocolate over the puffcorn and M&M Mini's, making sure to get sufficient coverage so the mixture sticks together.  Finish it all off by sprinkling the SPRINKLES over the two between the two pans.  Allow to set and cool for 2-3 hours.  Gently break into desired-sized clumps, place into a bowl and serve!

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