Roasted Beets in Cream

During the Mardi Gras class a couple weeks ago I used beet greens for a recipe, and so I wrapped the roots in wax paper and plastic wrap and put them in the refrigerator for a later use. I realized these were still in there last night - almost a month later. The good news is, beets are root vegetables and so they store well.

The beet is a vegetable that was once considered an herb. In ancient times, beets had elongated roots like carrots. The globular red beet we now eat was only hybridized about 300 years ago. Beets have the highest sugar content of all the vegetables. Beet juice and beet powder are used to flavor carrot, celery, and other vegetable juices, and also to color a variety of foods.

My daughter doesn't like onions, peppers or tomatoes - but she loves beets. So here is what I did - quick and simple, no recipe needed. I do not know the poundage, I had three large beets (baseball size). I also sliced these using my Borner V-Slicer click here to purchase, using the medium slice.

Preheat oven to 425 degrees

Slice beets and layer them in a oven-proof dish. Salt and pepper each layer. Pour 2 cups cream over top of beets and place in oven for 40 minutes. Let stand for five minutes to set, then serve.

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