Appliances - Dacor Epicure Dual-Fuel Range

I have long been a fan of Dacor and its' ranges. I know that people now prefer cooktops, but I would say I am a traditionalist at heart and like to have a range. The abilty to sear something and throw it directly into the oven to finish or pull something out of the oven and place it on the range top to make a quick sauce is invaluable.

Dual-fuel is a must have for the serious cook. Gas top delivers instant reaction to your pots and pans and the electric oven providing consistent baking results as well as even broiling. Most high-end appliance manufacturers have similar features, but where I think Dacor stands out is particular to my style of cooking.

First, I enjoy the fact that the knobs turn flame blue as soon as they are activated. As someone who has walked away from the stove when I have finished cooking only to realize later that the flame is still on due to the fact it was on a low flame - this is a nice feature.

I also like the fact that Dacor does not force you to commit two burners exclusively to a griddle or grill. I have lived in homes where this was the case and I found this limiting. The griddle was more a pain to clean than anything and the grill cleanup was ten times worse. With Dacor, you can get a griddle or grill to place directly on top of your grate that is made of cast aluminum. After using them, you can bring them to the sink to wash them up and then store them away. Convenient and functional - how innovative!

Yes, these ranges are an investment - I am not blind to that, but I do see them as a lifetime investment as to the value Dacor builds into every piece they manufacture. In my ultimate kitchen, two 30" dual-fuel ranges, side-by-side with enough room to crank out the biggest brunch ever, or even a fajita party!

Dacor deserves a standing round of applause for coming up with such an amazing range.

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