Fundamentals 12-Step Confidence Series

Week One – Chicken November 1oth 6-9 pmFind out how to roast the perfect chicken. Also learn breading techniques, pan roasting and poaching. Learn a versatile chicken salad and even how to make fried chicken!

Week Two - Baking One November 14th, 11am-2pm
Shortcakes, scones, biscuits and pie. Learn what blind baking is and how to make pie dough yourself!

Week Three – Vegetables One November 17th 6-9 pmFind out ways to cook with sweet peppers, corn, asparagus, potatoes and tomatoes. Also learn a dressing and vinaigrette.

Week Four – Pasta December 1st 6-9pmLearn how to make ravioli in a snap as well as fresh pasta. Pesto, baked pasta shells and macaroni and cheese. You will also find out how to make the following pasta sauces: fresh & quick, marinara, Puttanesca and Alfredo.

Week Five – Baking Two December 8th 6-9 pm
Chocolate cake, marble cake, bundt cake and Hawaiian upside-down cake

Week Six – Soups December 15th 6-9 pm
Chicken Soup with Lemon, Effortless French Onion, Grandma E's Chili, Simple, Roasted Vegetable and Farmhouse Chicken Wild Rice

Week Seven – Vegetables Two December 22nd 6-9 pmEggplant, Potatoes, carrots and tomatoes. Also learn a dressing and vinaigrette.

Week Eight– Eggs January 5th 6-9 pmLearn how to scramble, boil and poach. You will also see how a soufflé is made. Learn and taste a frittata and strata. See how to make a pavlova!

Week Nine – Baking Three January 9th 11am-2pm
Cookies, Brownies and Bread. Chocolate chip, sugar and peanut butter cookies. Fudge brownies and yeast bread.

Week Ten – Beef & Pork January 12th 6-9 pmLearn how to make beef stew, meatloaf, and fajitas as well as how to construct a hamburger. Also learn how to make juicy pork chops as well as easy bacon tips.

Week Eleven – Vegetables Three January 16th 6-9 pm 11am-2pm
Potatoes, Zucchini, tomatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes. Also learn a dressing and vinaigrette.

Week Twelve – Beans & Rice January 23rd 11am-2pmLearn versatile ways to make beans and legumes. From a quick bean salad to a bean sauté. Lentils with mushroom and a tri-bean bake. Rice will cover several rice varieties, i.e. baked brown and risotto. Lastly we will make rice pudding.

Classes are $50 (discounts are available for multiple-class purchases) and will be held at Ferguson in Golden Valley. Class sizes are limited to twelve (12) students. Contact us at - or call 651-337-0205 to register.

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